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About The Chemistry Department

About The Chemistry Department

About The Chemistry Department

Foundation of the Department

The department of chemistry has been established as part of the Faculty of Science and Arts. The department of chemistry aims at graduating specialists with competence and skills in the field of chemistry making use of an outstanding academic program in order to satisfy the needs of the community in the fields of education and research. The department of chemistry aims at providing the graduates with the required skills to carry out their duties efficiently, and keep themselves updated with the late scientific developments in the field of chemistry. The department of chemistry is equipped with the latest laboratory instruments and safety systems. Besides, the department of chemistry offers a Bachelor degree of Science (Chemistry) when students complete 128 credit hours over eight semesters.


The department of chemistry endeavors to academic accreditation from local and international authorities, by providing quality academic programs, research projects and community services as competitive as in performance and scientific traditions with its counterparts in the Kingdom and abroad.


The department of chemistry aims at preparing competent graduates through an integrated academic program using the latest educational materials and teaching methods in an appropriate academic environment.

Educational Goals

1. Apply the latest educational and teaching methods.
2. Provide quality programs for the preparation of qualified graduates to meet the needs of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
3. Initiate of new divisions and academic programs.

Research objectives

1. Promote scientific research through cooperation between the different departments.
2. Provide scientific projects that serve the development plans of the Kingdom.

Community objectives

1 - Dissemination of chemistry knowledge to the community.
2 - Provide scientific advice.
3 - Provide specialized training courses.

Fields of work for graduates

1. Laboratories of the Ministry of Health, government and private hospitals.
2. Drugs industry.
3. Food industry and oils, soap and detergents factories.
4. Saudi standards, metrology and quality organization and quality control units.
5. Desalination plants and the regional centers for meteorological and environment.
6. Teaching in various stages of education.
7. Petroleum and petrochemical companies.

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