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Academic Advisory


Academic Advisory Committee, Department of Chemistry

Our dear students,

The Faculty of Science and Arts, Khulais pays special attention to academic advisory. It is a fulfillment of its duty to graduate distinguished students fully aware of science and scientist. It is out of belief that faith, science and knowledge are some of the important causes for the development of nations. Undoubtedly experience and knowledge are the outcome of interaction and opening a channel of dialogue between students and their teachers.

Based on that the administration of the Faculty of Science and Arts, Khulais found it inevitable to establish a committee for academic advisory to help students improve their academic acquisition of knowledge and keeping them acquainted with the basic rules regulating study and exams at the department. Academic staff follow up the achievements of students by removing all obstacles that may face them during study by addressing their problems and guiding them to the best solutions for those problems. We wish our students benefit from our academic teaching and experience to help them participate in the development of their beloved nation. Hereunder a brief academic guide of the department.

What is Academic Advisory?

It is the activities conducted by the staff to keep the students acquainted with their faculty, its study programs and the fields and chances it offers to choose fields of specialization that cope up with their capabilities, talents and wishes. It further helps them to continue their studies in the best way possible and overcome all obstacles facing them by making use of the potentials offered by the university.

Academic Advisory at the time students choose their field of specialization :

New students have regular meetings before registration to keep them acquainted with the following :

-         The objectives and mission of the department

-         The requirements and controls of the department

-         Fields of work upon graduation

-         Guiding them to choose their fields of specialization that cop up with their capabilities and potentials. It further provide them with guiding brochures.

Academic Advisory during the Time of Study.

It includes organizing programs tailored for the development of students such as the following:

-         Programs of guiding new students to keep them acquainted with the study system, exams and how to get full adaptation to study system at the university. It further educates them about their rights and duties.

-         Presenting guiding programs for students of low academic achievement to help them overcome their obstacles to achieve success.

 -         Programs for advanced students to help them continue their distinction and encourage to     stimulate others.

-         Guiding programs for all students to help them improve their academic levels.

-         Presenting lectures and sessions that impove academic achievement and elevating self talents.

-         Proposing and conducting new researches for the negative moral phenomena and presenting     solution to change them into positive aspects moved towards research and development.

How to Choose the Appropriate Specialization?

Dear students you must follow the following procedures that would help you choose the appropriate filed of specialization.

-         Be aware of all specializations offered by the faculty and curricula taught in each department.

-         Learn about the future work opportunities for the graduates of each department.

-         Give yourself ample time to think patiently about your affairs.

-         Decide which specialization that adapts to your capabilities and talents and investigate the future job you offer work in.

-         Put those specializations in order according to their degree of priority.

-         If you still feel you are not able of deciding which department you which to join refer to academic advisory and departments of the faculty to acquire further information.


Dear students, we wish you keep in touch with the members of the academic advisory at the department of chemistry. With all best wishes.

For further inquiries or questions you can contact the committee of academic advisory at the department of chemistry.




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